Permaculture Workshops and Courses

I am currently designing a series of workshops, courses and retreats for 2018. The first half of the year will be spent in India and the latter in Europe and the UK.

Following on from the successful Yoga and Permaculture PDC course ran in the Himalayas in September this year my teaching team and I will be focusing more on developing content for social and urban permaculture courses. We feel it is vital to support individual and group transitions to new paradigms of thought that support radical self care,  collaboration vs competition and shifting towards abundance thinking as opposed to scarcity.

We are also invested in finding ways to bring permaculture into mainstream education.

One of the projects we are focusing on currently in Andra Pradesh, is creating an outdoor edible classroom where pupils can engage with abstract subjects such as maths, science and biology through play.

The pupils will be our co-designers and we will co-create the space with their help and input. In the process they will learn how to grow food, save rain water and care for the outdoor classroom. Not to mention that all the plants we will be using are delicious, nutritious and they play a key role in creating a healthy ecosystem.


For more details on dates and locations please get in touch.