Social Permaculture PDC, Himalayan Farm Project, Uttarakhand 2019

It was an incredible honour to be invited by Vlatka and Pankaj, of the Himalayan Farm Project to conduct a PDC with a social focus for Nagaland government officials responsible for land resources.

Nagaland, like many tribal communities around the world are under immense presure to feed the people and maintain the diversity and fertility of the environment. Conflict and social problems, land disputes, violence thrived.

Slash and burn are common practices used historically to clean areas for food growing. Ecosystems can not be regenerated soon enough to meet the needs of the people.

In this course we explore how permaculture can offer solutions that can be implemented locally with global impact. Solutions that can be implemented by villages and small settlements, as well as cities like Kohima. We are looking at reviving local crafts, empowering women, conflict resolution tools such as NVC and restorative justice as well as creating opportunities for meaningful exchanges, communication and sharing of skills and tools based on the earth’s wisdom. We will learn how to look at the forest as our teacher and create fertile soil based on the forest floor method pioneered by Clea Chandmal, which is following the earth’s logic.

This is a historical event, with huge potential for social change and positive transformation. I am grateful to share this experience with my colleague and good friend, Ms Aditi Veena of Baag Studios.