An urban permaculture community experiment

I am an urban permaculture consultant and artist. I choose plants and waste of all kinds as my medium.

I create living installations that re-imagine waste in a useful way and are aesthetically pleasing. The plants do the bulk of the work. They are the stars of the show. In addition to ever changing seasonal colour and scent they give us clean air to breathe, food, medicine, they give us materials to build our homes. We are fully dependant on plants to survive.

With my arts projects I hope to inspire people to connect with nature in the city.

Sanctuary is a gift to the community on my estate. It was built with waste found on the estate where I live in London and donated plants from the various projects I worked on in the capital. Its aim was to create a safe space for insects, birds and other living creatures in a concrete jungle. It also functioned as a meeting point for neighbours and visitors to enjoy a cup of coffee, exchange stories and network.