RIBOCA Biennial of Art and Design, Riga, Latvia, August 2018

One of the highlights of my summer was being invited to RIBOCA, The Biennale of Art and Design in Riga, Latvia to collaborate with the incredible MS Karina Vissonova and explore the subject of Sustainability and objects through a permaculture lens from me and a critical lens from Karina.

We explored 6 questions and invited audience participation in a welcoming and expansive exploration beyond good and bad design, be it mimicked from nature or else. We were inspired to see what emergent qualities, needs and reflections came from the audience and the experience left both Karina and I energised and elated.

Below you will find an outline from the official programme.

SUSTAINABILITY AND OBJECTS: Decoding the invisible structures around us to inform design

You are invited to partake in a dialogue between Claudiu Oprea, an artist, educator and permaculture designer and Karina Vissonova, a creative thinker, an educator in sustainable design and design philosophy.

Together they lift heavy questions “What is Sustainability?”, “What makes an object sustainable?” and “Whether the path we are on is leading us to the future we intend with sustainable design?”
Claudiu and Karina raise 6 questions aimed at each other and at the audience in an interactive format, where the co-generation of knowledge may lead to new ideas and an inspiration to solving the problems we face as a species today.

The event is organised in collaboration with MAD International Summer School of Design taking place in Sigulda this summer from August 16 to 26. This year MAD will explore the theme of biomimicry.

Karina Vissonova, PhD
Karina is a design researcher, creative thinker and an innovation strategist with extensive experience working within R&D, product development and business innovation. Karina attained her doctorate in Design with a focus on Philosophy of Design and Sustainability at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2016. She works on strategic development for various green innovation projects and initiatives, as strategist, board member, as well as she is a design educator and guest lecturer. In 2018, Karina founded the Institute of Advanced Design Studies in Budapest.

Claudiu Oprea
“Claudiu Oprea is a multidisciplinary force of nature” – Angelo Vermeulen, Artist and Space Researcher.
Claudiu is a queer artist and a certified permaculture designer, facilitator and educator, member of the Permaculture Association, UK. He facilitates permaculture design courses, runs workshops in universities and schools, foraging walks in cities as well as acting as consultant for various permaculture and educational projects around the world.
His heart is in alternative education, facilitating learning exchanges aimed at inspiring solutions to the problems we face as a species.

The event will happen in English at Kronvalda park (Kronvalda Boulevard 4) next to Palace Ruin installation by James Beckett.
Free admission!

With gratitude to Karina Vissonova, RIBOCA and Peteris Viksna for the images.