Larmer Tree Festival 2016

The installation by The Chase is inspired by Cranborne Chase, the local beauty spot with it’s gentle and seductive grassy hills sprinkled with wildflower color. Permaculturist and plant artist Claude Oprea, has created a mixed medium installation featuring unusual air plants, orchids, mosses, local heathers, grasses and the mystical and powerfully scented Brugmansia, legendary William Morris floral prints and original paintings of indigenous species of lichen and heather by emerging artist Nicholas Waters.

Artist statement:
It’s my life’s mission to connect people with plants and nature through whatever means possible. We are interconnected with our environment at a basic level. The oxygen we breathe is a gift from plants. In exchange we give them carbon with our breath, one of the building blocks for life.
Plants are so incredibly beautiful as well as masterful chemists. They use a chemical language.
They communicate and manipulate us and other species with scent, color, fruit and nectar. Without them we wouldn’t exist. Yet we humans, are on a mission to destroy our environment, the very fabric that keeps us alive, for profit. Nuts!

I feel it’s time to write a better story. One filled with hope and beauty and togetherness. One where we connect to the land that sustains us and honor it, respect it like the sentient being it is. One where we start putting back instead of always taking! We have the knowledge amongst us to restore and to be forces for good.

Let’s plant trees. It feels amazing. I promise!

This installation invites into a beautiful space intended to bring about a state humble appreciation of the magic found in nature. It also opens dialogue around exploring restorative solutions. Hope you enjoy!

I will be around during the festival and happy to chat anything plant related, Permaculture, healing and our plant and art work sale in support of a child protection programe in Calais. Look forward to sharing with you all soon.

Claude Oprea – Artist