Glastonbury Festival

Floating garden of Eden
Heaven Dome, Shangri-la, Glastonbury Festival 2014

nightClaude’s Floating gardens of Eden in Shangri-La’s Heaven Dome invites you to be part of a world re-imagined, a portal to access Heaven on earth, where humans exist in harmony with nature. Drawing from mythology, magic and the Garden of Eden, the living installation is designed to inspire our relationship to plants as medicine, to reignite our lost connection with nature, our health and happiness. It features ancient woodland ferns, medicinals, exotic trees and sensual scented vines all floating from above.


Living wall
Heaven Dome, Shangri-la, Glastonbury Festival 2014

disco-living-wall   Permaculture artist Claude Oprea teamed up with Plants in Space director Dylan Pepper to create stunning living walls In Shangri-La’s Heaven dome full of plants of great relevance in urban environments. We selected native and near-native plants and targeted plants for specific benefits. They remove pollution and toxic particles from the air of heavily polluted urban environments and better indoor air quality by removing cancer causing formaldehydes and benzines.



A gallery of images from the Heaven Dome experience
curtsy of James McCauley