Clients and services

Below are some of my clients for whom I created living installations with plants, Permaculture consultancy, design work, live decor, talks, workshops and experiments.

For further enquiries and bookings as urban Permaculture consultant, designer, speaker for an event or for installations and workshops please contact me by filling the contact form below.

For businesses and beyond.

Greening urban spaces and re-imagining waste in a functional way with a touch of flamboyant artistry is what I do best!

This service includes client survey and specialist advice on creating urban jungles and sanctuaries to promote mental, emotional and physical, health and healthier work , home and leisure environments, happiness, well being and connection to nature inner city. Adapting to space limitations and getting the right plant for the right space is paramount to creating self sustaining systems. From a balcony to a large indoor or outdoor space the possibilities are endless. Our imagination is the only limiting factor!

I am also available for live decor, interior design, garden design and installations of artistic sculptures for events and festivals. I create immersive and sensory experiences and recreate stories with plants. Please fill in the form for quotes.

Fees as of October 2016

Urban Permaculture Consultancy £250/session

If you are a community project or not profit organisation, do not have much cash capital and require help with setting up spaces please do not hesitate to get in touch. I am open to co-creating and accepting other forms of capital!