Boomtown Fair

For the last three years I have been responsible for live decor and creating living installations made of recycled materials, foraged food plants and edible trees and shrubs for Barrio Loco and Downtown. Working with an incredibly generous and creative team to achieve a genuine immersive reality in only 4 weeks is both humbling and inspiring. Dreams really do come true in fields!

In the 2016 iteration we spoke about Permaculture as a solution for regenerating land and communities and most of the foraged plants were grasses which feed the world. Corn and wheat primarily. The other plants comprised of indigenous cherry, plum and cobnut trees and nitrogen fixers in the Indian bean tree.

This year was my largest installation to date with all the venues and the entire field of Barrio Loco exhibiting live plant displays. A short video of the event can be viewed here. My plant installation features from 00:29 for 4 seconds. Enjoy!