Alternative education projects

I feel very passionate about redesigning dated and obsolete  patterns reinforced by the current education system to be more in line with the needs of the now. Listening to how children can self direct their learning has played a very important part in understanding how I can contribute by creating safe environments where learning happens in nature and it is driven by play, stories, curiosity and exploration.

Permaculture, biomimicry, listening, play and storytelling are the most relevant tools i use in my projects. I often ponder on how our planet would look like if we used nature as mentor, model and measure. What would our communities look like if we chose to celebrate diversity, create space to enable each other’s growth, turn our waste into fertility? These are ethics the forest is governed by. The forest is a living example of resilience, a closed loop system where one system’s output becomes another system’s input, where energy and nutrient is recycled and re-imagined as resource.

With my workshops, lectures, public speaking and teaching I explore ways to connect myself and participants with ancestral wisdom rooted in nature. Below you will find a selection of alternative education projects I helped co-create.

Anyone interested in setting up an alternative education centre anywhere in the world, please get in touch. I would love to hear from you and explore ways to support each other.