Vision Statement


I dream of a world where permaculture has a place on the curriculum in every school around the globe!

“The ecological crisis also reflects something deeper and more intimate: a spiritual crisis — one of perspective, meaning, solidarity, and practice.  And therein, perhaps, lies not only our indictment, but our hope.” – Andrew Zolli

In a time of ecological unravelling and conflict, spiritual values and practices have the potential to provide the foundation from which to respond, rebuild and reconcile our relationship with the earth, our common home. – St Ethelburga’s

Permaculture enables a spiritual connection to the land and all living beings, is solution oriented and it inspires us humans to write a more hopeful story for the future.



A little more about me…

I am curious about the natural world, and I use that curiosity to inspire my art, design and teaching. I get excited about plants, fungi and creatures of all kinds and I am on a personal mission to decipher the ways they communicate and to share my findings with you!

I have co-facilitated courses and workshops for business organisations, arts projects and workshops in schools as well as working as a compere within the alternative London cabaret scene. I help create safe learning environments that allow us to understand nature as our teacher. My earliest experience of teaching Permaculture was being approached by a business group to run a course for an urban, sustainability-oriented community group. It focused on the social aspect of applying the wisdom found in nature to human ecosystems.

I am fascinated by biomimicry and artworks inspired by nature’s sacred design. Natural installations have been an ongoing interest of mine as they inspire an innate fascination with the spectacle of nature.

In 2012, I co-created Biomodd London, where technology (in the shape of e-waste) meets with plants to create hybrid living computers. Plants are inserted in and around the electronics. Through gaming, the stunning sculptures demonstrate the potential for a meaningful relationship between these seemingly opposing worlds. It now exists in the capital as an open source, experimental art project.

I curated and co-led a multidisciplinary team, and we presented a thought provoking installation at TEDx London City 2.0 in December 2013. It was an experiment on plant intelligence, communication and sentience. My goal with the project was to ensure that all the scientific data and knowledge was delivered in an engaging way, where a 5 year old and a 95 year old left feeling stimulated and having learned something new. With a six week deadline and no budget it was both a great success and one of the best days of my life!

I am currently in South East Asia living the dream, teaching permaculture and learning from the indigenous people I meet on my travels. In September 2017 I completed teaching my first Yoga and Permaculture PDC (permaculture design certificate and the first of its kind in India) in the Himalayas and I am very excited to be assist teaching on the social permaculture stream on the official international permaculture convergence PDC in Hyderabad, India In November 2017.

Following on from Hyderabad I shall be in Andra Pradesh, helping set up an edible outdoor classroom for 800 pupils at a village school. This is very exciting project. We aim to deliver a safe learning space, one where pupils can engage with abstract subjects like maths, science and biology in a fun engaging way. We will be teaching pupils how to grow food, save rain water and care for the outdoor classroom. Not to mention that all the plants we will be using are delicious, nutritious and they play a key role in creating a healthy ecosystem.



  • Claude is a multidisciplinary force of nature!

    Angelo Vermeulen – Biomodd Founder, Artist and Space Researcher

  • Claude’s Mr. McGregor’s Garden was admired by all!

    Penguin Random House

  • “Claude is a pleasure to work with, a man dedicated to plants, education and beauty.

    Deborah Armstrong – Founder of Strong & Co